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Soft Boiled Avocado

This dish was inspired by my friend and excellent blogger, Julie Balutis My version is pretty simple, a soft
toneman cookbook

When in Doubt, Top It With a Fried Egg!

This rather uninspired vegetarian plate takes on a whole new personality with the addition of one of life’s simplest

A Vegetarian Feast in the Peak of Summer

Friday night our friends Scott and Carolyn joined us for dinner.  Carolyn is a vegetarian and I always welcome


Falafel is a tasty middle eastern vegetarian dish.  The main ingredient is ground chickpeas, seasoned, formed into patties or balls

Homemade Pasta Sauce for Mother’s Day

As someone who loves to cook, we eat well on most nights.  So when I asked my wife what

The First Asparagus of the Season!

  When we joined a CSA I pointed to asparagus as one of those things that should not be

The Sobremesa

It was Friday night and Spring Break had begun!  My son was home from work, my daughter had a week

Tuscan Flavor in Winter: Roasted Canned Tomatoes

Just because it’s winter (or early spring) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the the best flavor tomatoes have to

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

If you follow the ToneMan blog through Facebook you may have seen some recent requests for Roasted Sweet Potatoes.

Roasted Kale: Simple and Popular

Few vegetables are as available as kale.  It is “in season” virtually all year long, and generally inexpensive.  Often