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Recreating Hawaiian Flavor Back Home in Virginia

So what to do when I’m not ready for the vacation to be over–but it is.  I just spent

Hawaii – Day 15 of 15

Did I mention we’re actually on vacation for 17 days? Tomorrow, Day 16 we leave Maui and return to

Hawaii – Day 14 of 15, Iao Valley and Mama’s Fish House

Today we visited the Iao (ee-ow) Valley.  This is a cleavage between two mountains and clouds are constantly hung

Hawaii – Day 13 of 15, Spago Maui

Today we enjoyed a culinary high point, Spago Maui.  This is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant originally made famous 25 years

Hawaii – Day 12 of 15, Haleakala & Cafe Mambo!

Today we got up and headed to the highest point on Maui, the Haleakala Crater.  At 10,000 feet above

Hawaii – Day 11 of 15, Lahaina

Today began with a power walk along the Wailea coast line.  A beautiful ocean walkway travels along between the

Hawaii – Day 10 of 15, The Road to Hana

The one thing everyone told me I had to see on Maui was the Road to Hana.  Hana is

Hawaii – Day 9 of 15, A Day at the Beach

  Today was spent mainly on the beach.  The surf here is fierce!  Throughout the vacation we have been

Hawaii – Day 8 of 15, Maui

Maui does indeed look different!  It does not have the big city or commercial area of Waikiki; but, it