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Preparation for Ethiopia: Who Wants to Do Some Shots?

I have a good friend from college who now lives in Ethiopia.  He works for an economic development organization
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2015 in Review…the Travel

It’s been a little while since I posted to my blog, mostly due to being so busy with work,

The Food of Poland, Pt 2 – Polish Restaurants

Lest you think we only ate pierogis and galumpki in Poland, we did eat at several fine restaurants…or as

The Food of Poland, Pt 1 – Traditional Polish Food

Polskie Smaki translates to “Polish Flavors” THE FOOD IN POLAND IS FANTASTIC!  Traditional Polish food is typically made of

Thoughts As We Leave Poland

As I write this I am sitting in the Lufthansa Lounge about to fly home.  I have enjoyed this

Family Dinner in Poland–With Our New Polish Family!

Galumpki! This is the Polish food I grew up on. I had my first one in Poland at the

Krakow, Poland – Krak-WOW!

Everyone told me I would love Krakow, but there was just no way I could be prepared for this!

Oswiecim, Poland – aka Auschwitz

Oswiecim   (Osh-vee-em-chim) is a town in Poland.  During its WWII occupation, the Germans called the town by its

Jasna Gora – Poland’s Spiritual Capital

Today was a profound experience.  We visited Jasna Gora (yaz-na-goor-ah), a monastery that is considered Poland’s spiritual capital.  The

Snapshots of Czestachowa, Poland

We are spending a couple days in the city of Czestachowa (pronounced chesta-ho-vah).  during that time we are visiting