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The Food of Ethiopia

The food of Ethiopia is unlike any western cuisine.  Served on a communal platter and eaten with pieces of

The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

One of my favorite parts of my trip to Ethiopia was the coffee ceremony.  The coffee ceremony is ubiquitous, found

Ethiopia – Introduction

I’ve been back for two weeks from my epic adventure to Ethiopia and have been thinking of how best

Preparation for Ethiopia: Who Wants to Do Some Shots?

I have a good friend from college who now lives in Ethiopia.  He works for an economic development organization

2015 in Review…and a Preview of 2016

Happy New Year! I love the week of transition from Christmas into the new year and this year with

2015 in Review…the Music

sThis is the third of four postings in a brief series looking back at 2015.  I love live music

2015 in Review…the Food

Yesterday I began a short series looking back on the best of 2015.  Between work and pleasure I took 25 overnight
International Travel

2015 in Review…the Travel

It’s been a little while since I posted to my blog, mostly due to being so busy with work,

Autumn in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley

“We headed west into the Virginia countryside with no set plan but to enjoy the fall weather and all that the
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Keith Richards’ “Life”

I have been so pleasantly surprised by Keith Richards’ memoir that I would recommend it to any music fan.