The Food of Ethiopia

The food of Ethiopia is unlike any western cuisine.  Served on a communal platter and eaten with pieces of bread instead of fork and spoon, it has an exotic flavor and uses exotic ingredients.  Ethiopians eat things we don't normally eat in the US like sheep and goat.  At the same time, things … Continue reading

The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

One of my favorite parts of my trip to Ethiopia was the coffee ceremony.  The coffee ceremony is ubiquitous, found within restaurants, airport waiting areas, and on the street. To be sure, drinking the coffee is part of it; but, less than half of the experience.  The setup is easily … Continue reading

Ethiopia – Introduction

I've been back for two weeks from my epic adventure to Ethiopia and have been thinking of how best to present it on my blog.  There was so much!  We saw so much, met so many people, experienced so many foods, it's a little overwhelming to know where to begin. Each night on this two week … Continue reading